The Start Of It All

     When I was born the doctor new that i was going to be the next king but as i got older it all changed many people did not think i diserved to be king. "he is to weak" many said as well as "he looks like a horses...." well u get the point.
     one day i decided to leave the village and start my own life on the land, as i started on my way i came to an egg, at first i thought it might be a chickens egg but no to large a eagle i thought to myself next. no to heavy i kept thinking about stuff but i could not think of what it might have been until i heard the sound of a dragon soaring threw the air down to the ground. "Who are you?" it said to me in a booming voice.
     "i am Christopher from the village of Rin and you are?"
     "I am the great Alexander the sky dragon, and it seems that u have found one of are eggs. it says in a legend that a boy of small size will one day run the sky on a dragon of red color. how would u like to own this dragon and teach it the ways of the sky and ground young Christopher?"
      "Well i would love it." i said and at that the sky dragon flew with such grace that an angel could have not competed. now it was me and a dragon that had not hatched yet for my adventure had only began.